Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Yangon, Myanmar. #2


This is my second post about Myanmar, as I mentioned in the first I Left Bangkok Thailand by plane and landed in Yangon Myanmar, and been unprepared as I normally am, I was searching for a hotel at night, which is not something I would recommend on the first visit to a strange city.
 While I was wandering the streets I came across this performing Lion dragon, it was the Buddhist full moon festival and everyone was out enjoying themselves on the dark unlit streets of Yangon.

The two person Lion dragon was dancing on poles held by other members of the troop, it was amazing to watch because of the speed and dexterity of the performers, moving to the beat of the drums, they were extremely proficient at what they were doing, they were from the local martial arts school just down the road.   

   The next morning I was up and at it, wandering the streets of Yangon and taking photos. I had no map or knowledge of what was on offer in this city, it was a hit or miss event, I was only here for a day before I went to Bagan valley so it was a very casual, I did know there were a few very large Wats somewhere around, had to find them.

I came across this temple on my walk-about, I don't know it's name, it appeared to be made or covered in metal maybe tin or aluminium, Highly detailed work involved in the construction.

In the same area as the temple I found these run down but beautiful houses that had seen better days.
I went inside and asked the soldiers there if I could photograph the houses, it appears they were used as barracks for the soldiers, they said no problems. Have to be careful around here what you take pickies of.

                                  It would be nice to see these houses restored to their former glory.

                    Finally found the road leading to the main and probably the largest Wat in Yangon.

Shwe Dagon.

There were other temples leading up to the main Wat. I think this is Maha Wizara.

Maybe the Green Palace.

                                                              Main entrance to Shwe Dagon.

Exterior wall of the stairs leading up the Wat enclosure.

    Inside the enclosure, this place is amazing,  A photographers nightmare come true, so much to take in and      too much happening all at once, so much activity.

One of the many massive bells on this site.

The lady in pink is saying prayers while pulling a rope which operates a fan above the Large Buddha statue.

Priest about to sound a bell.

Another larger bell.

At the center of everything here the main pagoda.

         Detail of the spire capping of the main pagoda structure, hundreds of smaller bells moving in the                                                                         breeze, calling out.

Amid all the hustle and bustle this gentleman was still able to meditate.

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  1. What a surprise, I like the new look, and the shots are great again, some of my favourite buildings are in this post.So far I realised that you have fun doing it.