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River Kwae Noi,Kanchanaburi, Thailand

                                        River Kwae Noi 
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This bridge and rail line was constructed during the second World War where the Japanese used Allied Pow's and slave labor for the main work. Thousands of Pow's and Ten's of thousands of Thai people died during this event.
The bridge is now part of a War memorial park which attracts millions of tourists every year. There are many other parts of the rail line that can be visited by either traveling on the train or going to other parts of the track by car and staying at the many hotels on the way. At Tham Krasse there is the Viaduct over looking the Kwae Noi river which is quite peaceful and picturesque, I went there around 6 am when there was hardly anyone around but I could imaging what it would be like later on in the day.

Some of the old train engines that were used on the line.

                                                                         Converted truck.

Sometimes it gets fairly crowed on the bridge

Until the Train comes.

There are times when one can escape the maddening crowd and it can be quite peaceful.

View from the bridge on the far side of the river.

55 kilometers from Kanchanaburi is the River Kwae Noi at Tham Krasse.

Part of the line on the Viaduct along side the river Kwae Noi precariously hugging the cliff face.

I decided it was wiser to get off the track seeing I wasn't sure when the train started up and there was only down to escape it if it did.

I like to be independent while traveling so as often as possible I hire a scooter to motor around on, this allows me the freedom to go where I want to and when. To get to the main touristy places one has to traverse the country and quite often I get lost, which I don't mind because I usually find something interesting that I wouldn't have found if I didn't get lost, there's a weird form of logic in there somewhere. 

                       This area is a high yield farming area on the flatland's situated between the mountains.

On one of my getting lost tours I found this small village farming community that was harvesting bamboo and treating it so as make it strong and straight

Finished produce, straight bamboo awaiting transportation.

Heating the bamboo in tubular ovens then applying pressure at certain points of the bamboo to straighten it.

                                                            Bamboo drying in the sun.

                                                                        Local house.

Beautiful sweet smelling flowers on a tree, I am not sure of the correct name of the tree but One can smell them from a great distance, they seem to grow all over Thailand, so many flowers.

Traveling further on towards Saiyok Noi Waterfall and another part of the Death railway,
Passing many jungle covered mountains and beautiful scenery.


Some of the accommodation and water sports on the river not far from Saiyok Noi Falls.

These boats take the tourists further up river so they can come back down on rafts.

Looks like they are sinking but they aren't.

Some more water huts, notice the bridge to cross the river.

He's thinking twice about crossing, I wouldn't have let my children cross that thing.

Part of the Death Railway near Saiyok Noi waterfall. 

I was here in the dry season so the falls didn't have much water flowing over them, between July and September I am told there is a beautiful waterfall cascading over these rocks.

The locals and families still seem to enjoy themselves in the water.

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