Monday, 23 September 2013

Wat Muang Sing, Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

                                                        Wat Muang Sing

This is one of the many ancient Buildings in the area, it is around 45 kilometers from the city of Kanchanaburi. There is a very large park containing numerous structures and ruins, also there is the natural beauty consisting of trees flowers and various animals, a very peaceful place.

    Walkway leading up to the main structure, the walkway and buildings are constructed with Laterite stone.

Views of the outer walls .

Rear entrance and walls.

                                    Internal view of the walls complete with trees growing out of them.

                                                          Internal walls and buildings.

Viewing through doorways towards main Buddha image at the center of the complex.

Approaching the image and finding I'm still a long way away.

Discovering an inner courtyard is still separating me from the Buddha image.

Finally I'm standing before an image of  Bohisattva Avalokitesvara.

Approaching from the side.

View from the rear.

Looking out to the trees beyond.

Jack fruit tree growing in one of the courtyards.


                                                        Some trees growing among the ruins.

Another temple building set to the rear of the first monument building.

Maybe ritual receptacles. 

A stand of  Unusual Bamboo at Ban Kao National park.

A few Kilometers from Wat Muang Sing there is the Ban Kao National museum near the Kwae Yai river. This has an ancient stone age site and a Neolithic site containing skeletal remains, tools and urns from the prehistoric age approximately 4000 years old. 

                        It's good to get lost and find all of this on the way of finding out where you are.

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