Thursday, 26 September 2013

Bagan valley, Myanmar #3.

                                           Bagan valley.

This is one place one shouldn't miss if you like to see beautiful places, truly a wonderful place and one that I will definitely have to revisit. I was there for a week and only saw a fraction of the temples, I missed so much even though I was up early every day shooting pics of temples. If ever you come here make sure you have plenty of water with you, I nearly dehydrated a few times, it gets hot.

Early morning haze, nice temperature.

Some of these Wats can be accessed and others are closed, there are a few larger Wats where you can go to the upper levels to admire the view of the  other Wats from above.

Early in the town these ladies are off to the markets.

These traditional style houses are designed to keep cool.

I think this is Wat Ananda Pagoda.

Lady feeding the pigeons.

Ladies washing their clothes in the Aye Yarwaddy river.

Buddha inside the previous Wat.

Mode of transport for the area.

                                            Moos trying to keep cool in the midday heat.

It is as cool as it looks inside these larger Wats, the corridors are designed to extract the extreme heat.

Recently renovated shrine.

Sunset over the distant mountains.

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