Saturday, 21 September 2013

Wat Tham Sua, Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

                                          Wat Tham Sua  

This Multi-coloured Wat is towards West Thailand only a few hours driving from Bangkok and not to far from the Thai-Myanmar border. It is usually know for the Thai-Burma railway which was built during the Second World War and the Bridge over the River Kwae as portrayed in the movie. There are many other interesting things natural and historic in the area to visit like river tours, caves, waterfalls and dramatic mountain views.

Approaching from ground level one can see some of  the many different towers and buildings constructed in various styles perched high on the hill above.

Always with the stairs.

Finally near the top looking back down.

This is the main Buddha statue situated on the main level.

Covered with thousands of small reflective gold tiles.

One of the many Buddhas covered in Gold leaf sitting at the front of the main Buddha.

Some of the buildings overlooking the main level.

Shrine with Chang (Elephant) images on the main level. 

Shrine seen from an upper level.

One can see the scale of the main Buddha image in this shot.

              Panoramic Views of the rice paddies and the mountains beyond behind the temple mountain.

The back wall of the main Buddha, around the base are the Tile donations that will be used for renovations or on the new extensions. 

Some of the smaller buildings on the main level containing images of Buddha and other religious treasures.

My reflection on the glass door, enabling one to see the Buddha inside.

                                           Many bells and Gongs to ring around this building.

                              Chinese style pagoda with more construction of extensions going on.

Views from upper level of neighboring building.

Beautiful ornate building, one of the main buildings at this location.

One of the many Buddhas inside this building.

Reclining Buddhas.

View from one of the upper levels looking directly down towards the main staircase.

Last look over the Rice paddies and mountains.

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