Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bangkok Wats and Buddhas, #1.

                        Some Wats and Buddhas in Bangkok.

There are some beautiful Religious structures in Bangkok all containing Religious relics of various importance.
Most of these buildings are three hundred years or less years old, seeing Bangkok has only been the Capitol of  Siam and later Thailand  for that period of time. Before Bangkok the capitol of Siam was Ayutthaya which was destroyed by external forces, armies from other countries.

Whilst in Bangkok I tried to see as many Wats as I could and keeping track of the names of these places was difficult so I started to photograph the official signage outside the front of the Wats, I still ended up losing track of the names or getting some of the places mixed up, hopefully I have them right here.


Wat Wongsawat, this Wat looks so pure with it's white and gold exterior, I'm not 100% sure but I think this Wat has something to do with Nuns and the care of women.

Detail of the demons on the side of the main temple spire.

Some of the Buddhas that are revered at this Wat.

This next Wat is Wat Arun which sits besides the main river that runs through Bangkok. It can be seen from a great distance away because of the height of the structure, it is one of the older Wats in Bangkok and is heavily adorned with multi coloured mosaics.

One can climb the steep stairs to the  higher levels to appreciate the views that the temple offers.

 One of the four main corner spires.

Looking across the river to the Grand Palace buildings.

One of the many temple buildings adjoining Wat Arun with Buddhas and other religious statues .

Wat Ratchanadda. This Wat is a few kilometers from the river, it is different in it's shape and colouring.

Inside there is a spiral staircase that takes one up to the upper levels which all have many Buddha statues and artifacts.

One of the many plants in the gardens .

Inside all the long corridors are controlling the breezes which assists in keeping the building nice and cool.