Friday, 16 August 2013

Wat from Bagan valley, Myanmar.


 Wat from Bagan valley, Myanmar.

Another Wat from Bagan valley, Some of these Wat's one can enter and climb, some you cannot due to disrepair, renovations or lack of access. I found that one can photograph most Wat's from the ones that one can enter, seeing there are so many of them in all directions one has a wide choice to choose from. 

The temperature depending on the seasons can reach very high on the thermometer , when I was there in January it was around high thirties to low forties centigrade, this can go higher in the coming weeks. When inside the larger Wat's one can feel the corridors and passageways cleverly directing the air flows enabling a physically cooling effect, the structures ambiance, and atmospherics enhances a mentally cooling effect, all in all a pleasant experience. 

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