Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Colour in Nature #1

                                                           Colour in nature

I have been going for walks and bike rides around the town I live in and the neighboring area for the last few years. On these little treks around the countryside I've been photographing landscapes and botanical subject matter, I'm continuously amazed by the variety of plants, trees and flowers with their many varied colours.
Also I have been traveling to Thailand and some of the countries that border onto it in the same period, this has enabled me to observe other flowers that do not grow in this country or the area I live in because of the heavy frosts in the winter season or lack of moisture and extreme heat  in the Summer months.

I enjoy black and white photography which can be fun to look at and fun to play with but for floral or botanical photography I think colour portrays the subject in a better light. I've always preferred and enjoyed the many colours that nature has to offer, the ones that the planet has given us free of charge. I think the colours and the many hues, tones or combinations of the colours in flowers especially fascinating, this combined with the variety of shapes or forms of the flowers offers the photographer or artist an unlimited amount of subject matter to work with.

I would like to present a few flowers of various species and colours in this blog starting with a single colour. Colour can be different for everyone, the colour red for one person may be seen as reddish or orange for another so when I want to represent a colour there may be many tones or hues of that colour in the presentation.

So I'll start with the colour Yellow because to me, sometimes it can be a difficult colour to photograph due to natural light which is what I prefer to use when photographing flowers and also when painting yellow flowers it can be a difficult colour to use, especially in the shaded areas of the subject matter.






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  1. Beautiful yellow flowers, nature is a great gift to all of us, and give us so much inspiration. Great work!